Friday, November 21, 2014 Girl "Elf on a Shelf"

Here I go again.  

I had to try crocheting a little girl "Elf on a Shelf"!

Stitching her head and elf ears.

Practice helps.  

I did much better this time on the narrow legs and arms.  

Using the stitch marker and counting carefully made the difference. 

All the pieces ready to be stitched together.

As usual the face features are the hardest for me.  

It's not easy hand-embroidering her eyes and mouth.

Still have to add her long brown locks!
I added some long hair by crocheting chain loops around the head. 

The happy couple!
And I crocheted up a cute little apron for Missy. 

So what do you think?

Don't they make a cute couple?

For additional information and free pattern click (here). 
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Birthday Elf & Cake!

I'm so glad I made it to 68!  

So is my crocheted Birthday "Elf on a Shelf"!

My sweet Hubby made my Brithday so wonderful.  

He bought me some Pandora charms (a Fairy, a Castle and a Christmas Teddy Bear).  

And now he is on his way to pick up our take out dinner for tonight.  

No cooking for me tonight.  

We're going to put a DVD on and sit back and enjoy our evening.  

He choose well considering I hinted at the new Disney charms for my birthday.  

Unfortunately the Disney charms aren't available until January 2015 at our local store.  

But the fairy is Tink, the castle is Cinderella's as far as I'm concerned.  

finished my Elf on a Shelf last night.

I started him last January and set him aside and picked him up again two nights ago.  

It's the first time EVER I hand-embroidered a face.  

Now I want to crochet a girl elf!

Take a look at the progression of my birthday cake.  

After sitting awhile it started to split apart down the middle of both layers.  

We were laughing so hard as we tried to catch the layers as they were sliding off. 

Regardless of how awful it looks it tasted delicious. 

Thanks for visiting me on my birthday!

I won't be doing much decorating this Christmas because most of our decorations are in storage for our move next year.  

I have a few Christmas & Disney things in my Christmas China Cabinet that I can put out though.

It wouldn't be Christmas without some decorations.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ghostly Greetings…I Know I'm Late!

Yes, I know Halloween is over.  

But I'm a little bit behind finishing my "Party with Patrick" project for October

It's this adorable wall hanging called, "Ghostly Greetings".

It's appliquéd without stitching down the edges of the appliqués.  

I did blanket stitch just the moon appliqué and I tacked down the bats, ghosts eyes and the towers so I didn't have to worry about the spray adhesive coming loose.  

And those are the tiniest windows on the tower.

I had adhesive all over my fingers trying to tack them down.

I finally stitched them down with yellow thread.    

The top layer of the wall hanging has black netting fabric placed over the appliquéd body to give a misty, murky feeling to the dark night. 

I used black felt for the rock/castle, bats and ghosts' eyes and mouth.  

I tried to give the ghosts a more 3D effect by layering batting and white fabric together.

The back is a cute Halloween flannel fabric I received as a gift from my sewing store.  

And I love the fabric I used for the binding.  

It just pulls the colors together and makes the wall hanging POP.

It's hanging on my refrigerator as I type this...too cute to set aside for next year just yet. 

Thanks for visiting me!
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