Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hello Fall and More

I love my little chalkboard sign!  

Today I updated it for Autumn.  

Lately, rather than using the chalkboard ink pencils, I've been using regular chalk. 

Click (here) to read about making my cheap and easy chalkboard sign. 

After we move to our new home in Ohio I'm going to make some more of them.  

I just read someone's blog where they said chalkboards are "out" now.  

Although the blogger didn't agree (and I don't agree either) because she (and I) loved her (my) chalkboards too.

I'm not able to post as much lately because I've been so busy de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing and packing for our move (still several months away).  

We have rented two storage units... one in PA and another in OH.

And they are filling up.

I'm packing my collections and knickknacks for our next trip to our OH storage.

Yesterday I tackled our bathrooms.  

My goodness I couldn't believe all the stuff I had "stuffed" into those rooms.  

I was going to take some before photos of all of it laid out on my beds to sort through but I was too embrassed.  

Today I'm going to go through all my jewelry.  

That is…I'm going to start to sort through it all.

I got as far as gathering it all together and laying it out on our guest bed. 

Not that I wear a lot of jewelry but I have inherited my Mom's and some of my Mother-in-law's jewelry.  

Last week I embroidered the cutest Santa Claus postcard at our monthly Embroidery Club.  

It's embroidered/appliqued out of fabric and felt.  

I purchased this design as part of a set, In-The-Hoop Christmas Postcards (here), on-line at Embroidery Library.

 I'm definitely going to make some more. 

I finished crocheting my Christmas Star Coasters.

 I made enough for our neighborhood Bunco Christmas Party in December.

Next I have to block and starch all of them. 

While packing I found these cute Halloween mugs to set out on our fireplace mantel. 

And last week I bought some Halloween/Fall fat quarters in the neatest fabrics.  

My brother's Maple Tree changing colors in Ohio.

October is such a beautiful month! 

Thanks for visiting. 

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Late Summer Sunflower Place Mat & Home Stuff

Are you ready for another "Party with Patrick" project?  

This cute placemat was fun to stitch up. 

I liked the colors of the sample so I picked out similar ones.  

I had purchased an Anita Goodesign Quilting Box Set and found the cutest sunflower design to use with this placemat. 

 Using my TruEmbroidery software I duplicated four of the sunflower quilt designs into my largest hoop to machine quilt down the yellow and green fabric strips. 

It didn't turn out too badly.

I also stitched a set of four sunflowers down the green fabric strips in green thread although it doesn't show up as much as the yellow stitching.

The binding is filled with small yellow sunflowers on a blue background.

And there she is…my "Late Summer Sunflower" placemat.

My sewing machine will be one of the last things packed!

I started to pack some of my collections for our move to Ohio.

Two thimble collections are done and just one more to do.

I have some small knick knacks I will also pack rather than have the movers do it.

We just returned from another trip to Ohio - this time to have the electric rough in walk through the lower level.

We will have excellent lighting in our hobby area.

Our electrician is great to work with and he has a good crew working for him.

Did you notice the cupola is up on the garage roof?

The ten foot garage doors are in and they will be painted a mahogany brown color to match the front door.

Next week the insulation is scheduled to start and the following week is the start of the drywall.

More will be coming on the new home.

We have selected the light fixtures and flooring but haven't signed off on either yet.

So many decisions.

I can't decide which type of counter tops to go with in the new kitchen….I love the look of Carrara marble but want to have something that is more durable than marble.  Maybe we can find something similar in either quartz, Corian or granite. 

When we were in Italy we drove by the mountains where Carrara marble was quarried.

It looked like snow!

It was beautiful.   

OK…now to get back to packing here at our current home.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Home & More Sewing

A visitor getting a drink at our bird bath!

The Great Room.

We had another trip to Ohio last week for walk-throughs with several tradesmen in our new home we are building  - electrical, sound and vision for our large screen TVs and central vac system.

Photo above looking from kitchen/morning room into great room.

Room to the left of fireplace is the office.

Room to the right is our master bedroom and bath.

Garage ceiling electrical fixtures.

The trade crews were hard at work.  

It was neat to see all the wires and tubes running everywhere.  

We had so many decisions to make - where to place electrical outlets, electrical box fixtures and hide-a-hose outlets.  

Our heads were spinning!

Over all we were very pleased with the progress.

However, we noticed the wrong window was installed in our great room during our last visit.   

So we were pleased to see on this visit that the opening was reframed for the correct transom window (on order).  

The half wall frame in the kitchen is too high and has to be redone.   

It's suppose to be counter high.

Our custom kitchen cabinets are being built.

I will finally have a white kitchen.   

They also forgot to frame the walls in our hobby room in the lower level.  

I guess it's good we are coming back frequently to catch these boo-boos.  

Front porch with our eight foot Pella door.

It was a busy week. 

Now we have a week at home and then we are returning to Ohio for a family event (we are so thrilled because my Hubby's brother is being sworn in as Chief of Police).

And, of course, we are meeting with suppliers again too.

We are in the process of picking out our electrical fixtures and flooring options.

It's like going into a candy store…there are so many tasty treats to choose from.  

Once we were back home in PA I had one day to sew my "Party with Patrick" design for this month.

I devoted last Sunday as my sewing day and finished this project, "Dealer's Choice" (order digital design here).  


Monday was our "Party with Patrick" class…only three of us finished or almost finished the project.  

I think some of the ladies were "turned off" by the deck of cards design (maybe because of the  dark red and black colors used in Patrick's sample). 

I had no black fabric on hand.  

I tentatively thought of using the colors in a deck of cards - you, know…the red, black and bright yellow of the King, Queen and Jack…

 Instead I decided to use red, white and blue fabrics I had on hand.  

 This way I could use this project as either a place mat (or wall hanging) for 4th of July festivities.  

I had the funniest boo-boo on this project.

As usual I embroidered my name and year on the back.

I typed it all out on my computer using my TruEmbroidery software, printed out the design on paper in actual size to use for placement and downloaded the digital design into my Janome for stitching.

The design was as clear as day on all those screens and the paper.

But I never saw my mistake until it was embroidering the second "0".

I typed in "2004" instead of "2014"!

At least I got the correct decade.


The Dealer's Choice!

One of the ladies stopped me after class and said I always choose the most beautiful colors for my projects. 

Awwww….wasn't that nice!  

Well, I'm off to work on next month's "Party with Patrick" design, "Late-Summer Sunflower". 

Thanks for visiting!

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